August 24, 2015

Hi, I was reading the faq section and there is a question about what commission I would owe if your firm finds me a buyer. The answer is 3% or whatever I would negotiate with another buyer's broker. Is it customary for the seller to pay a commission to the buyer's broker if they are selling the property themselves? Doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of doing for sale by owner? Thanks.

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Staff August 24, 2015

That is a great question!!! If you sell your property yourself, you do not owe any more money. We recommend that you offer other agents/brokers 3%, but the amount is up to you. We cannot put -0- in the mls. You will be receiving all of the leads which we would normally receive under a full service listing. This gives you a 90% chance of selling your property yourself. We offer to run spot ads at no additional cost to you outside of the “for sale by owner” program. This is where we would receive a commission if we bring a buyer. (you can opt to have us do this or not) Since we run ads for our full service listings we offer to run spot ads. The market has changed drastically- exposure is key- so when you use our “for sale by owner” program you receive maximum exposure, many leads from buyers who are not working with an agent as well as agent exposure- while saving on the listing side. Plus we are here if you need us on an “as needed basis.” Pricing is key in this market- this program gives you the flexibility to lower your price and end up with a better bottom line figure if you have the time to handle the showings, etc. The cost of $349 is so small compared to the exposure and print advertising which is not working well these days, not to mention isn’t cheap. Have a wonderful week!!! 
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