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natalie-mullinixThis site was founded by Nathalie Mullinix to give private home sellers exposure through the MLS.

Nathalie Mullinix consistently averages $80 million a year in listings and sales. Licensed since 1985, she sold more than $12 million a year by her third year in business. In 1990 she started Nathalie Mullinix Realty, Inc. (a conventional real estate company), and in 1991 she founded Nathalie Mullinix Referral Company, Inc., also in Maryland. In 1996 she opened Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. and REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.. In 2001, Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. opened in Hawaii.

By 2007 Nathalie Mullinix was coming out #1 in transaction’s sold for the entire state of Hawaii.

REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. offers services to agents/brokers worldwide including, but not limited to, consulting, training, tele-seminars, coaching, referrals and more!!! For information on this concept, call (866) 808-MENU.

“With the world becoming smaller via the Internet and modern technologies, it is imperative to plan well into the future. Customer and client needs will change drastically, and we expect to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.” (Nathalie Mullinix 1996)

Nathalie has personally sold over “3000 homes in 24 years”. She brings this expertise to, allowing home sellers the ability to be listed in the Multiple Listing Service for Maryland, and also draw on her many years of expertise through her customizable menu of services.

Let her programs work for you today!